The Bella embodies a whole new class of massage chairs; sophisticated details with emphasis on aesthetic design, while providing uKnead’s signature high quality massage programs.
For those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Unprecedented in the massage chair industry, the Bella blends into any space effortlessly; from classic contemporary to modern, from transitional to mid-century. With attractive colors to choose from, the Bella is the best looking massage chair available on the market.

Multicolor LED accent lights placed on either side of the massage chair
add a modern flair
and double as soothing mood lights.


The Bella’s reclining angles are fully adjustable for multitasking capability. Whether you need an upright position for reading a book, watching TV, or a moderate reclining angle for an optimal massage experience, the uKnead variable reclination will always provide you the most comfortable position. Bella also features a one touch sleep mode function that brings user to the optimal horizontal reclining angle designed specifically for napping. Bella’s got your back, literally.

Our innovative retracting mechanism allows for sleek cache of the footrest. When powered on, the footrest automatically extends out from underneath the seat. After the massage therapy is complete, the footrest retracts back into the chair, instantly transforming the Bella into a charming accent chair.

The Bella is not just beautiful on the outside, but also functional on the inside. Unlike its furniture-style predecessors, the Bella offers a full spectrum of massage capabilities; from sophisticated automatic programs to refined manual massage techniques. Equipped with enough advanced robotics to match therapeutic massage chairs, she’s not only a looker, but also a keeper.

Full Air Enclosure acts as a cocoon, cradling the entire body with gentle pressure while alternating between different focal areas: shoulders, arms, back, seat, legs, and feet, creating a sense of euphoric relief and total relaxation.

Shiatsu Foot Rollers provide invigorating acupressure massage to the soles, with 3 sets of active rollers underneath each foot


Soothing Heat increases effectiveness of the massage therapy by raising the user’s body temperature and improving circulation

Two high pressure air cells on either side of the hips inflate progressively to create a side-to-side swaying motion, effectively stretching the lower back and spinal muscles.


Extended air cells envelop the full length of the forearms and hands,
facilitating circulation through air compression massage

Choose from five amazing automatic programs designed to target various needs: Extend, Relax, Zero, Neck & Shoulder, Back & Waist. The user-friendly remote control allows effortless programming of manual massage therapy with 5 different massage techniques to choose from,
for a truly personalized massage.


Color: Beige / Black

Color: Beige / Black